The Saltaire Inspired organisation asked me to document this Arts Council Funded project which was part of the 2016 Saltaire Arts Trial. The project was instigated, planned and managed by Hannah Lamb and Claire Wellesley-Smith.
The location of the project was the stunning Spinning Room on the top floor of Salts Mill, in UNESCO World Heritage Site Saltaire.
Visitors were asked to make an impression of a favourite item of their clothing into a square of porcelain. This was recorded on a clothing tag, leaving the participant's name, item of clothing, where it was made and why it was special to them.
There were approximately 350 impressions made over the course of the 3 day event. These will be tinted, fired and then, at some point, exhibited. So keep an eye out for the this and a chance to see the project laid out as a whole.
It was an honour and such a pleasure to meet the two women and capture their efforts in photographs. This event within an event had such a lovely feel and purpose.
The beginning
Hannah rolls out more porcelain
Hannah and Claire
Porcelain squares ready to be pressed
Claire talks through the process 
An impression is made
Careful consideration - an important moment of recollection
A momento of the occasion
Completed tags are pinned on to cloth at the end of the process
Task complete
A full plan chest at the end of the event