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I am a document-style photographer. My open, intuitive and sensitive approach, combined with my understanding of light and compositional strength, create emotive, honest, powerful and engaging photographs that capture the emotion of the moment and the place in time.
I love to capture the big and small moments and record the uniqueness of what it is I’m photographing.
I work commercially across many sectors and also on personal projects which follow my interests in people, nature, energy and the connection between them. I work with sensitivity and empathy, forming a strong connection to the subject matter.
I work with high energy and enthusiasm, allowing light and my intuition to engage and lead me.
I am based in Yorkshire but happy to travel in the UK or abroad. I have a good knowledge of Italian and French.
My interests revolve around family, cycling, travel, skiing, walking, camping, film and, er... photography. And for what it's worth...
- favourite football team: Bradford City
- favourite film: The Third Man
- favourite book: Catch 22
​​​​​​​- favourite piece of art: At The Moulin Rouge - Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec
- favourite photograph: Gare St Lazare - Henri Cartier-Bresson
Email me with the form below or call me on +44 7738 291158. I look forward to hearing from you.
Thank you!