Call out for volunteers from the Bradford metropolitan district to have portrait taken at popular location.
I’m part of a group of photographers called @Aspect Collective who have come together to create a project looking at the effects of Brexit on people and place in the UK. Each group member will produce their own work and we’ll bring it all together in an exhibition or a publication after the work has been completed.
I feel more and more that people are divided, angry and stressed out. I want to help people forget their problems and differences by connecting everyone back to nature.
Using photography, I want to show that we’re all surrounded by and live in nature. That, even though we’re all different and separate, nature sees us as the same. We’re part of nature and all connected to each other through it. That nature is the very thing we all have in common.
We can all take comfort from the fact that everything starts and ends in nature and it’s the only thing that really matters. Nature is cooperative and by reconnecting with nature we can start to cooperate too.
The images here show how the photographs will be taken, all at the same location at Shipley Glen – historically a very familiar and popular place for many people in the Bradford district to go to and connect back to nature. Whilst photographing, I’ll also record the sounds of nature and each person saying their first name.
If you’re over 18 and you’d like to be part of this project and have your portrait made at this great location, please contact me by email for more information and to arrange a FREE photo-shoot.

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